Fleet X
Online Office for Car Rental business

Perfect solution for your Vehicle rental business.
Handle all rentals and services in one application.

Get It Done With Us

Fleet X was built with vehicle rental companies.
They knew what they need. We knew how to build it.

Service Management

Set up service alerts and get service notifications when you needed.

Rental Management

You can manage all rentals in one calendar. Start and close rentals in a second.

Customer Management

Rental agreement has generated immediately to the associated customer. 

Don’t need to download.
Just login & use.

Fleet X is a cloud based service. You don’t need to download and install a software. Wherever you can login and manage your business. Pretty easy, isn’t it? 🙂

Managing Your Rentals Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Throw excel and white paper away.
Sign up Fleet X and bootstrap your business! 🚀 

"Easy to learn & use from anywhere. Finally I don't have to waste my time on the administration."

– Oliver Roberts

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